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Which Service Dog Registry is the Best

In today’s increasingly accommodating and understanding social and work environments, Service Dogs are being recognized as the life changing aids they are. Historically known for serving as seeing eye dogs or deaf dogs, service dogs can help with so much more. In our stressful world, there are more invisible disabilities than ever, from depression to […]

Why You Don’t Need To Certify Your Service Dog

There are a lot of questions about fake service dogs, fake certificates, and fake registrations. Even in our chat, people ask if US Service Dog Certification “is legit”. We hope you will take the time to read this before you certify your service dog.  There is no official certification that makes your dog a service […]

How Can I Get My Dog Certified As A Service Dog 

As our society becomes more open about disability and increasing access for all people, getting a certified Service Dog is becoming increasingly popular.   How can I register my dog as a Service Dog?  A Service Dog is a specially trained animal that performs a task that directly assists a person with a disability. Service Dogs aren’t just […]