Making The Most Of The Long Weekend With Your Dog 

July 4th is coming up and it’s finally summer for you and your dog this long weekend. Not just because the weather is getting warmer, but because the country is officially back from a very dark time. Everyone is going to be living it to the max. The 2020’s will be a revival of the roaring 1920’s. So, you got a dog during the pandemic? Here’s how to keep the good times going. 

Spending time outdoors with your dog for the long weekend  

Dogs don’t wear sunscreen, but they are sensitive to the heat. Hot, black pavement can burn their paws and lack of shade can leave them dehydrated. You’ll want to make sure your dog has a cool, shady place to keep comfortable, while you’re enjoying the heat.

boy holds puppy bulldog with bow on collar
New dog, new long weekend traditions

We’ve got an entire blog dedicated to sun safety and service dogs. Check it out for more tips.  

New experiences can be scary, make them positive for your dog

July 4th brings a spectacular display of fireworks. Some dogs are completely unbothered, and some are terrified. If you already know your dog is scared of loud noises like thunder, you’ll want to make sure they are leashed and have a place they feel safe. For many dogs, this is a crate or under the bed. They want a small enclosed space they feel protected in, like a natural dog den.  

Dog snuggles up for safety

If your dog is scared, reassure them with a strong voice and gentle pat. If you coddle them, it validates that they have something to be scared of. Be supportive, but don’t make it a more serious situation than it actually is. 

Check out more tips for reducing anxiety around the holiday weekend here.  

Taking a trip for the long weekend? Bring the whole family 

Many dogs love the car, and home is wherever you are. That being said, dogs are much more comfortable in their own environment. So, if you’re taking your dog for a little road trip or weekend getaway, ensure you have everything you need with you to make them comfortable. You’ll want to bring their bed, water and food bowl, car snacks, and identifiers. 

Woman in hat holds scruffy dog against mountain backdrop
We’re cool for the summer

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a great packing list! 

Planning to be out for a long time without your dog 

Pandemic dogs share a common challenge. They spent all day with their humans and don’t know how to be alone. This is something you’ll need to help them learn. We’ve got a guide for that, but you’re not going to be able to implement it in a day. Instead, think about leaving your dog with a trusted friend, or if you’re planning on traveling with your dog, look for doggie daycares in the area.  

If you already use a daycare, see if they have other branches. Healthy Spot offers small dog daycare across California. You can also use Rover to find local sitters wherever you go. 

4 dogs play in a backyard, watched by two women
Doggie daycare is a blast on the long weekend

Keep in mind, if you’re choosing a corporate service, they will not take your dog without proof of vaccines. Your vet might be closed for holiday hours, so make sure to bring a physical copy with you, or have it on email, ready to forward.  

Mind the BBQ 

The long weekend is all about the summer food and barbecue. Dogs love to sit loyally by the grill master, hoping for scraps. Feel free to share cooked, unseasoned meat with them. Watch out for garlic and onion seasoning. You’ve probably heard that chocolate is bad for dogs right? Both garlic and onion are far more poisonous, so do take this seriously.  

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the trash. Dogs love to go digging for leftover ribs, but cooked bones are dangerous for dogs. Once cooked, they are too soft and can splinter in their digestive tract causing the need for a trip to the vet. 

chicken skewers on the bbq
Paws off

Also look out for hazards like chicken skewers. An enthusiastic dog will swallow it whole, chicken and wooden skewer included. 

Just keep the dog away from the food prep.

For more about what your dog can and can’t eat, check it out here. You’ll be surprised to learn what kinds of foods your dog might enjoy! 

Do you have more tips for a great holiday weekend? Tell us about them in the comments.  

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