Getting A Same Day ESA Or Service Dog Certification

Most people don’t think about an ESA or Service Dog certification until the same day they need it. If your dog provides you with emotional support or you’ve trained them to perform a task that helps you with a disability, you can register them as a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal. Certifications are not necessary or required by the ADA but sometimes you’ll be asked to provide a service dog certification or ESA certification. Often times this will be from a hotel, airline, landlord or leasing company.  

Because of an increase in fraudulent cases, businesses are looking for some level of proof or reassurance that your dog is a properly trained service dog.  

Emotional Support Dog Sitting by Car

What do you need to make a dog a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal? 

The requirements are simple. A service dog is specially trained to perform a task that supports you with a disability. Service dogs can be trained to do much more than support the blind or hearing impaired. You’d be surprised to learn the surprising tasks dogs can be trained to support people with 

Many disabilities service dogs can be trained to support are non-visible, such as life-threatening allergies, support with a chronic illness, or psychiatric services. In situations where the dog’s task is not obvious, certifications and other visual identifiers like leashes or vests go a long way in conflict prevention.  

There’s no rule that says a dog needs to be trained by a professional or special program. To make sure service dogs are accessible to everyone, you have every right to train your dog independently. If you’re looking for resources to help with training, we’ve got more tips here. 

Emotional Support Animals can be Identified with a Certificate.  

Emotional Support Animals provide general comfort or support. They do not need to be trained to help with specific tasks, but they do need general good behavior training. Emotional Support Animals need to be in control, quiet, and well-mannered at all times. Most businesses will accept a visual identifier like a certificate or ID card to confirm your dog is an emotional support animal.  Emotional Support Animals have special privileges under the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act.

Emotional Support Animal Certificate

How can I get an ESA or Service Dog certificate? 

Anyone can get an ESA certificate or ID card in the same day by affirming that their dog meets the requirements. A therapy note or disclosure of medical history is not required.  

Some landlords or airlines might have their own forms or requirements they want the handler to fill out. While these are not required by the ADA, it’s easier than starting a legal battle. Online certificates satisfy most needs, but we always recommend confirming what you are being asked to provide. 

How long does it take to register a dog as an ESA or Service Dog? 

A service dog certificate from US Service Dog Certification is quick and instant. With the Digital Registration package, you’ll get same day certification. You can find your certificate in your email, just minutes after you complete your registration. We will not collect any personal information about medical history or disabilities. You will be asked to include your state, for registration purposes, and to provide details on your dog such as breed, age, and a picture for their digital ID card.

Emotional Support Animal ID

By registering your dog with our online registry, you are affirming that your dog meets the requirements of either a Service Dog, Emotional Support Animal, or Therapy Dog. You can read about the requirements here and determine which registration most closely fits your needs.  

Registering online is the fastest and easiest way to certify your dog. 

To voluntarily identify your dog as a Service Dog and obtain your same day digital ESA or Service Dog certification, register now. 



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