Get A Doctor’s Letter For Your Service Dog

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So often people certify their service dog only to learn that they need a doctor’s note. 

To get a doctor’s letter for your service dog, you need to see a doctor

This might seem obvious, but many people look online when in reality, you need to speak to a licensed medical professional, including a PCP, therapist, or even a social worker. This professional must have a relationship with you, meaning they’ve seen you for treatment or an assessment within the past year. This letter is to attest to the fact that you have been prescribed a Service Animal to support you with a disability. It is not recognition that the dog is certified or trained, it’s your need to maintain the dog.

To obtain this letter, you can ask your doctor, or you can provide them with a template to fill out and sign.

Doctor’s Letter Template for YourService Dog

To Whom It May Concern,

________ is my patient. Based on their presenting symptoms and functional impairments, I have diagnosed [PATIENT NAME] with a mental health disorder that meets the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) criteria. 

Due to his/her disability, [PATIENT NAME] has significant limitations coping with [________]. To help alleviate these difficulties, and to enhance his/her ability to function independently, I have prescribed [patient] to maintain an [EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL/SERVICE ANIMAL]. The presence of this animal is necessary for [THE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH/OR EXPLAIN DISABILITY] of [PATIENT NAME] because its presence will mitigate the symptoms he/she is currently experiencing. It is therefore necessary for [PATIENT NAME] to maintain this animal in their home.

This should be written on professional stationary and/or include the professional’s license information and contact information. Your doctor is welcome to make changes that fit their needs and yours. This template is only for guidance. 

Where Can I Get A Doctor’s Letter For My Service Dog

An online service dog registry cannot write you a letter for your dog. The prescriber must have a professional relationship with the patient. Registries maintain a database of trained service animals and generally do not employ doctors. Some registries may connect you with a therapist who can assess you and write you a letter. If your doctor, therapist, or social worker believes you would benefit from maintaining your dog as a service animal, reach out to them and share the template. It’s much more cost effective than going through an online registry service. 

To identify your dog as a SERVICE dog OR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL, register below.

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