Reduce Anxiety: 5 Tips For The Long Weekend

Dog holding american flag

For most of us, Memorial Day is full of traditions and happy memories, but for our dogs it can bring on stress and anxiety leading to potentially dangerous situations. Parades, fireworks, and crowded barbecues are completely new situations for most dogs, and they don’t understand what’s going on. Animal shelters can even double their residents over […]

5 Signs Your Dog Is Actually Your Child

chihuahua wearing clear raincoat

For many Millennials today, a dog is more than a best friend. Today, your dog is probably treated more like your child than your pet. They join you at cafés, on dates, and even keep you company at your office. They play a crucial role in the family as your sweet, lovable, dependent. Can a […]

Can My Pit Bull be a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal

With so much stigma facing pit bulls these days, a question many people are asking is: “can my pit bull be a service dog”? While the answer should be simple, there are a number of factors that come into play. What’s a pit bull anyway? Pit bulls carry a bad reputation, but the truth is, […]

5 Easy Steps to Teach Your Dog To Love the Bath

Dog in bath wears a shower cap

Your dog probably hates the bath. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just in their wiring. But bath time doesn’t have to be a struggle, or a trip to the groomers. These 5 simple positive reinforcement tactics can teach your dog to love the bath, saving you money, time, and energy. Make bath time a bonding […]

The Most Important Thing To Know If A Dog Comes Up To You Without A Person

German shepherd leans against person

If you ever come across a Service Dog without a person barking for attention, chances are someone is in trouble. For people who find themselves in everyday dangerous situations due to a disability, dogs can be specially trained to perform amazing tasks. Take this veteran who suffers from PTSD and seizures. Major, a Labrador retriever […]

The Essential Guide to Dining with Your Dog Etiquette

Leonberger puppy lying on the pavement under a table

Whether your dog is a Service Dog, Emotional Support Animal, or a regular pet, there are certain faux paws (okay, pas) when bringing your dog to dinner. When bringing your dog to a restaurant, A little preparation goes a long way. First of all, remember that only Service Dogs must be permitted in restaurants or […]

The Most Practical Tips for Flying with your Support Animal

Small maltese terrier in a black dog carrier in the living room

Flying with your dog should bring you comfort but if you and your animal are not prepared, it can become stressful. With a bit of planning, you and your Support Animal or Service Animal can become lifelong travel buddies. Here are our top things you can do before, during, and after the flight to make […]

8 Things You Didn’t Know a Service Dog Could Help With

Nurse pushes elderly man holding dog in wheelchair

A lot of people think of service dogs as just guide dogs, but it’s amazing how many other tasks a service dog can be trained to do to help their handler.  Let’s break down the areas in which dogs can provide service support. 1) Dogs Can Provide Mobility Assistance For people with physical limitations, service […]