Our Purpose

At US Service Dog Certification, our purpose is to educate people and organizations on the ADA laws and program requirements around Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, and Therapy Animals, so that they may navigate them according to their needs.

We provide anyone who benefits from having a Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal with voluntary visual identification. This lets handlers identify their dog to businesses, landlords, and anyone else who may require proof of registration.

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Our GoaL

At US Service Dog Certification, our goal is to help people who rely on service animals visually identify their dog. Our certifications are ideal for audiences who may not have a full understanding of the U.S Department of Justice American Disability Act (ADA).

The ADA does not require proof of certification and explicitly states that entities may not require documentation. However, many landlords and businesses still expect to see certifications, ID tags, and service vests. This is where registration comes in.

Service Dog Certification

Emotional Support Animal ID

While education is important, it’s not practical for you to cite the ADA to every person who asks for your certification. For these reasons we’ve streamlined the process with a registry that lets businesses identify your animal and modify their policy accordingly.

Registration is quick and easy

Register your dog as a Service Dog, ESA, or Therapy Dog now and obtain your certification immediately.