5 Signs Your Dog Is Actually Your Child

chihuahua wearing clear raincoat

For many Millennials today, a dog is more than a best friend. Today, your dog is probably treated more like your child than your pet. They join you at cafés, on dates, and even keep you company at your office. They play a crucial role in the family as your sweet, lovable, dependent. Can a dog ever be just a dog? We don’t think so. Here are 5 indisputable signs that your dog is actually your child.

One: You take your dog for Ice Cream

Husky eating ice cream
Couple sharing an ice-cream date with their Husky.

They joy of getting ice cream on hot day is really about sharing it with the “people” you love. If your dog can’t come, you’re not going, and fortunately, there is no shortage of outdoor ice cream shops for you to enjoy together. You know that ice cream is going to give your baby an upset stomach, but it’s worth it for that smile. You also know what foods you can actually share with your baby and what will make them sick.

Two: Your spending habits change

chihuahua wearing clear raincoat
Chihuahua wearing a stylish raincoat.

You used to want new clothes, but since your pup came into your life, like all new parents, you’d rather spend your money on your child. Specialty bones, freeze dried treats, and doggie rain gear have become essentials in your budget.

Three: You make new friends through your dog

Two dogs great each other by sniffing noses
Two dogs, basset hound and french bulldog, getting to know each other by sniffing in crowd of people.

Running errands used to be just that, but now that you’ve got a fur baby at your side, you’re stopping on every block to socialize with puppies and their humans. Since your dog has their own taste in friends, you’ve started meeting people outside your usual social circle.

Four: You regularly redecorate their bedroom

French Bulldog in her designer bed
French bulldog lies in her designer bed.

You cleared out a corner of your room and designed a space your pup could call their own. But it doesn’t really matter because your dog sleeps in your bed most nights and takes up the majority of your space. But you love it, because that dog is your child we’re talking about here.

Five: You plan entire daily activities around their happiness and wellbeing

small black dog running on the sand
Dog enjoying his day on the beach.

You plan beach days, choose dog friendly hikes, and even pay for agility classes and daycare to give your dog a full life. You don’t drive a minivan but suddenly you’ve always got an extra towel handy for when the day’s adventure gets a little too dirty. Your dog may have just been groomed, but you’d never let that stop them from living their best life. Check out our top 5 tips for traveling with your dog!

If this sounds like you, you’re probably an amazing pet parent who would do anything for your dog baby. If your life revolves around your dog, tell us about it in the comments.

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